Information about the golf carts used for our tours of Rome.  The best "car and driver" tour of Rome

For everyone to enjoy Rome without walking but seeing all the places you only see when you walk! The best tour of Rome for the handicapped. Street legal golf carts that accommodate from 1 up to 7 people plus driver. Special cart to accommodate 3 passengers plus driver and wheel chair.

Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart
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All of our golf carts are electric!

The good old trustworthy, classic golf cart with back seats facing backwards. Cute and easy to handle accommodates 4 people including driver. It fits anywhere and will take you all over Rome!

The "standard" golf cart parked in a little, out of the way, courtyard in Rome

The "deluxe" cart,  4 seats all facing forward!

Accommodates 3 + driver and has a large cargo box which we can close with a lid and keep your shopping bags in it or we can take the lid off to store the wheelchair of a handicapped passenger.

The "deluxe" golf cart near the Pincio Terrace

The "stretched limo".

This is our 8 seater golf cart! Driving around Rome in this unusual golf cart is a lot of fun. We use it for groups of more than 3 people or for people with special needs.

The "stretched" golf cart, accommodates 7 passengers + driver

The "Ape".

Old fashioned, typical Italian, three wheeler made by Piaggio, the company that makes the world most famous scooter, the Vespa.


Our electric golf carts are street legal and they are equipped with:

o    Insurance

o    License plate

o    Lights, front and rear

o    Safety belts

o    Horn

o    Canopy

About the carts:

·        The standard golf cart accommodates up to 3 passengers plus driver, total 4. The "deluxe" cart accommodates up to 3 passengers plus driver, total 4, but they all face forward and there's also  a cargo box which we can leave open and we can carry a wheel chair in it, or we can close it and you can leave you  shopping bags in it while you go walking around. For larger groups, up to seven passengers, we use the "stretched" golf cart. For larger groups we need to use more than one golf cart. The group members can drive the additional golf carts themselves if they like, or we can provide drivers.

·         If you decide for driving the additional cart yourself instead of hiring a driver, the leading cart's driver will always make sure you don't get left behind and will give you all the necessary assistance.

·         When driving in a motorcade, in order to stay in touch and get the commentary and instructions, passengers and drivers will be supplied with earpieces by which they will be continually in touch with the driver of the leading cart who'll speak to them through a microphone.

·         You'll be picked up from your hotel and the tour will start from there. But if your hotel is not located in the city center, meaning inside Rome's Walls, you'll need to come to meet us in the city by your own means. The average range a golf cart drives, with fully charged batteries, is 80 kilometers (50 miles) enough for a full day tour of Rome, but not to come and meet you at your hotel if it's not in the city.

·         Generally the hotels located outside Rome's historical center provide shuttle service driving their guests to the city center on a regular schedule, if this is your case we'll come to meet you where the hotel's shuttle drops you off. Differently we will have to discuss where the most convenient place to meet would be.

·         Though our carts don't come with air conditioning and Rome is hot in the summer, it is not uncomfortable to drive around Rome even when it's hot. There's always a nice breeze in Rome which makes driving in a golf cart pleasant plus we mostly drive through the narrow shady streets of old Rome that are always quite cool. Even a nice air conditioned Mercedes can be unpleasant to drive after it's been parked in the sun for half an hour!


About the tours:

·         We charge hourly rates (starting from 60 Euros per hour, 4 hours minimum) and we do not follow preset itineraries.  We'll take you anywhere, in the city,  you want to go!

·         Our tours are designed to match our clients’ interests. The purpose for the itineraries listed on this website is to give you an idea of what you can see in Rome touring by a golf cart Rome in the allotted time.

·         Four hours is the minimum you can hire us for and you can go for the whole day if you like. The full day tour is the best! Naturally you can hire us  for multiple days and we'll always have something new to show everyday!

·         We do not like to drive our golf carts on the main streets. We like to get to the main attractions driving on the quaint back streets and so avoid traffic, noise, fumes... and other tourists !!! Our tours take you off the beaten path and to the major highlights of Rome.

·         We'll show things you'll not expect to see. You'll be able to take pictures and videos without getting out of the cart, but we'll always stop for you anytime you ask us to and let you take the picture you want or take a closer look at something that tickles your curiosity.

·         If this is your first time in Rome we'll focus our tour on the major highlights, if you are already familiar with Rome we'll show you other enchanting places that are not as famous but equally interesting.

·         When we tour with you to the fundamental highlights of Rome, we drive on the narrow backstreets and let you discover what could be defined as "hidden Rome" and you'll realize that Rome is not a theme park but a real city. You'll get look inside workshops were artisans are immersed in their daily occupations, incredible courtyards and out of the way churches.

Please e-mail us at

The golf cart tour is not just a driving tour! We stop at the sites, let you get out of the cart to walk around the sites,  tour the inside of the buildings and give the appropriate commentary. During the tour we'll also take you to a great place for "gelato", cappuccino or for lunch. We know all the best places!

Vespa, the world famous scooter, owes its name to the wasp, so the working version of the Vespa, the 3-wheeler, they called bee, Ape. So, if you decide to tour with us, besides the golf carts you can also choose to tour by "Ape". It's more noisy and smoky than the golf carts, but it's also a lot of fun.


Prices for the golf cart tours of Rome    

the half-day, 4 hours, tour of Rome

6-hour tour of Rome

the full-day, 8 hours, tour of Rome

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 240 Euros

up to 3 people in "deluxe" cart, 270 Euros

up to 7 people in the limo, 340 Euros

each additional standard cart, 60 Euros

each additional driver, 60 Euros

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 360 Euros

up to 3 people in "deluxe" cart, 390 Euros

up to 7 people in the limo, 450 Euros

each additional standard car, 80 Euros

each additional driver, 80 Euros

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 450 Euros

up to 3 people in "deluxe" cart, 520 Euros

up to 7 people in the limo, 600 Euros

each additional standard car, 100 Euros

each additional driver, 100 Euros

3-hour tour of Rome by night

headsets and microphone:

round trip transfer from the port:

up to 3 people in 1 cart, 200 Euros

up to 3 people in "deluxe" cart, 240 Euros

up to 7 people in the limo, 300 Euros

each additional standard  car, 40 Euros

each additional driver, 50 Euros

4-hour tour, 2 Euros per person

6-hour tour, 3 Euros per person

8-hour tour, 3 Euros per person

tour by night, 2 Euros per person


up to 4 people by sedan, 300 Euros

up to 8 people by minivan, 350 Euros


Parties with more than 3 participants will be accommodated in two carts or in the stretched "limo" golf cart, depending on its availability. We cannot say until the very last minute if we'll use the stretched or two carts, but the price will be the same in any case. For larger parties we will supply headsets for the passengers and a microphone for the driver-guide in the leading cart, so you'll not miss the commentary. Tour Rome by golf cart, the best way to see Rome!
Optional tour of Villa Borghese by Segway !!!

Before your tour by golf cart begins, during your golf cart tour or at the end of it you can have the wonderful experience of touring Rome's most beautiful park by Segway for only 8 extra Euros per person!

If you never had the chance of riding a Segway, but you always wanted to, this is your chance!

There are companies that take people on Segway tours of Rome, we think that touring around by golf cart is much better but, when people see Segways riding about, they always seem to be very curious about them and so we decided to offer our clients the opportunity to experience what it's like to ride a Segway in the safest and most beautiful place where one can do that: the park of Villa Borghese. The tour takes half an hour and takes you to the City Panorama, Hydraulic Clock,  the Garden of the Swans, Raphael's Casina, the Hippodrome, The Fountain of the Marine Horses, The Temple of Diane, The Casina Valadier and the Borghese Museum (not inside).

If only some members of the group want to ride the Segways and others don't, it's not a problem! Those who don't want to ride the Segway will tour the Villa in the golf cart and the others can follow on their Segways !

The golf cart tour will take you anywhere in the city of Rome. Explore Rome thoroughly as if you walked it but without any stress.