The best private car tour of Rome: the tour by electric golf cart!

Tour Rome with driving guides in a golf cart, it's the best way to tour Rome.

Roberto, Max and Paolo would like to take you on the best tour of Rome.

We will take you all over the real Rome and we're sure that at the end you'll say this was your best tour !!! Enjoy Rome off and on the beaten path!

Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart
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Videos of our tours, clients, friends, city, countryside, small hilltop towns etcetera..  We hope you'll enjoy them!

One of the reasons why we do a good job touring people around is that we like to tour around our country ourselves.

We love our country and we love exploring it!

This is why, whenever we can, we get together with our friends and go run around. We love to explore Rome but we also like to wander around the countryside and get to know the lovely hilltop towns. Discover out of the way places where to eat good food. When we find some place we really like we propose it to our clients and possibly take them there.

The wandering around Rome is done by golf cart obviously, but we love to ramble in the countryside on our scooters and motorcycles. Too bad we only have time to do it in the wintertime, but we bundle up and we go!

By the way, if anybody who reads this happens to be a motorcyclist and wants to experience riding around with us, even if just for one day, we can help them rent a bike or a scooter and take him out for a great ride!

Yeah, the Harley addicted Americans can rent a Harley-Davidson if they want, but these roads are not designed for big motorcycles, a smaller Japanese or Italian bike does better. Scooters are more protective and comfortable though, especially for the passenger.

However, let's not forget this is a website designed with the purpose of promoting golf cart tours of Rome and in fact most of the videos you'll find on this page show what it's like to tour around Rome by golf cart, but we're sure you'll enjoy the other ones also!

Have fun and come to see us in Rome! Ciao for now!

Rudy (first), Bob (yellow helmet) & Paolo (camera) riding to San Vito Romano in April 2011. Just a few miles out of Rome, great sceneries and great food!
The drive over St. Angelo's bridge on the way to St. Peter's A well experienced pilot shows what a helicopter can do at the Circus Maximus
Rome. Piazza Venezia by night Paolo rides his scooter through the streets of Segni, where he lives.
The streets of Rome's Ghetto  
Yoske Apolloni, son of Paolo and soon to be one of our driving guides, playing with his band. Song title: the Waltz of the Crazy man
The best private car tour of Rome. You'll drive through the streets of old Rome comfortably seated in an ecological electric car. You'll have a tour with a commentary in English, Spanish. Portuguese or French and enjoy the quietness of the shady, narrow back streets of Rome and you'll be amazed by the stories they can tell. Your driver guide will take you to visit the fundamental highlights of Rome but he'll be take you there via a different route from the other tourists in their cars or buses. You'll not just tour Rome, you'll merge into the city and see how the people here live their lives. You'll breath Rome, smell it, touch it, hear it and feel it. Touring Rome with us in an fully open electric car is certainly a better way to explore the Eternal City than seeing at everything through the windshield of a car or walking in the heat of the sun. The tour of Rome by private electric car with a driver guide who assists you and presents the city as a friend who takes you where the Romans go is the best tour of Rome one can get!